Official Visit Today…

C’mon Home Big Fella!!!

Well all right. The Big Fella’s on Campus for an Official Visit to the Hilltop! Okay then. Fredrick King is at California Plaza. Roll out all the Blue Carpets, the good china/crystal, and some of the Jebbies best vino from St Johns.

You all know his story: Fm Bahamas, to NBA Academy-Mexico. Seen/offered by Coach Huss. Frosh Ctr: 6-10/220 Loads of talent…heaps of upside…and just turned 18 y/o. YES!!!

Welcome to Creighton Fredrick. Now is the time and this is the place. You’ve found Nirvana…your new Home!

Be A Bluejay, baby!

Now is the time…This is the Place! Be A Bluejay Fredrick! – CreighTakes Photo


Fredrick… You have come a long way thus far. But, it is STILL the beginning. Do the things you were told and agreed to back in January of 2021, son. Make Andros and the Bahamas proud!!!

For Fam & Country…make ’em Proud!