The Epitomy of Class and Grace.

Coach Jay Wright retires after 21 HOF years.

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Surprisingly, unexpectedly… Villanova Men’s Basketball Head Coach Jay Wright has announced his retirement. The announcement has caused a shockwave across the college sports landscape.

Coach Wright states he will begin a new phase in his life. He will move up to the position of Advisor to the President of Villanova University.

 They went to battle and fought like a motorcycle gang on the floor, yet were Boy Scouts off the floor and did absolutely everything the right way. There was a pride to the program that didn’t need to be talked about or sold to anyone. You could see it, and you could feel it. It wasn’t talk, it was real.

ESPN article Apr 20, 2022 (link below) – Jay Bilas

Successor-in-waiting, Kyle Neptune, returns to Radnor to take the reins of the program. Neptune has 13 years experience in the Villanova system, 10 as Wright’s assistant coach. Neptune coached the A-10’s Fordham team last season…his 1st HC assignment. He raised the Rams from 2-12 in 2020-21 (Covid Season) to 16-16 this past season.

Congratulations on your decision to move on to the next phase in your life, Coach Wright. You will be missed by all: the Game itself, colleagues & adversaries, fans, friends, and History. Well done sir, well done indeed!

God Bless you Coach Jay Wright.

Fair Winds and Following Seas…Coach Wright.