2022 Maui Invitational

Bracket reveal…

The folks at Maui Jim’s have posted the bracket for the 2022 Maui Invitational. Strange bracket.


They’ve got the #1 seed playing the #2 seed in the 2nd round (same side of the bracket). Hmmm.

2022 Maui Invitational Bracket

So as it stands…Jays will face a ranked Texas Tech team 1st, on Nov 21st. Next up is #2 seed and top 10 ranked Arkansas, on the 22nd. Then, whomever comes thru the other side of the bracket in Game 3, in the championship of the event (probably SDSU or Arizona).

Wait One… Jays are getting dissed! We are playing in the 4 vs 5 game?

Okay. I thought they had screwed up? Nope, just disrespecting us. 1 vs 8, 4 vs 5. Other side: 2 vs 7 & 3 vs 6.

Seeds: 1-Ark, 2-AZ, 3-SDSU, 4-Jays.

Current Rankings for the opponents- CBS/SI/ESPN/

Arkansas: CBS-6, SI-5, ESPN-9

Jays: CBS-11, SI-8, ESPN-7

Arizona: CBS-15, SI-17, ESPN-16

San Diego State: SI-14, ESPN-23

Texas Tech: SI-15, ESPN-24

Ohio State: CBS-24

Louisville: NR

Cincinnati: NR

It’s a strangely constructed and looking bracket. But it looks as though the organizers wanted to get in that top-ranked game early…just in case.

No git…Maui Jim is dissing on our Jays! Wake up and smell da coffee gtmo. lol

Creighton All-time, head to Head…since 1949-50, according to Sports Reference CBB.

Ark: 0-1 Had one other game (CU win) prior to 1949.

AZ; 1-1

Cincy: 1-2

L’ville: 2-1

Ohio St: 2-3

SDSU: 4-3

Tx Tch: 3-1

Kickin’ back…in Maui!