3 CU Sports Boards…is it Enough?

Creighton Sports had a group of 6 to eight boards running at one point a few years ago.  This one changed 2 or 3 times over it’s lifespan thus far.  Several others merged into the WhiteandBlueReview.com.   And now, Vinny has taken control of the underwhelming Scout.com CU site.  3 major boards to serve the CU Sports community (plus the official goCreighton.com board).  Is it enough?  The major media teamsites suck (CBS, SI, ESPN, etc.)  Most Creighton action occurs on these 3 sites.

I take this opportunity to appeal to Creighton fans, alums, and interested sports fans everywhere.  Support these sites.

It is my contention that 3 boards is not enough!  However, support in terms of joining and posting by the above communities is needed…at all 3 sites.  It is necessary to hear the opinions and thoughts of Jays fans everywhere – Alaska, California, Wash. DC, Venezuela, Denver, Florida, Latin America, Bahrain, Europe, Canal Zone, Guam, Japan, Africa, whereever they may be.  Be a proactive Jay and participate… on one or ALL fo the Creighton boards.  Let folks know your thoughts and opinions…be a part of the Jays as they move forward in the Big East. Denver has been recently active in discussing game viewing sites and such.  Keep us posted on events, happenings, gatherings, news in your city related to CU, CU Alum get togethers, all CU related stuff.  No CU Alum chapter in your area? Tell us what you folks are doing anyways…officially or otherwise.  Especially if a Jays team will be playing in your area next season…perhaps your group and the Ath Dept or Alumni Relations can co-sponsor a related event.  

Now, I know that these sites can get a bit parochial in their tenor and discussions.  That is the nature of blogsites, BBS’, and the like.  However, participation is encouraged by Jaysfans whereever you are.  The internet makes everyone close, everyone in the neighborhood, there is no excuse not to be a part of the Jays in the Big East.  PARTICIPATE.  Besides – it gets a bit mundane listening to the same 20 – 30 folks.  You – the Jays Fan in the diaspora…come on down…welcome home.

Join these sites…participate in the discussions…support the Jays!