New Bluejay Blog and an Updated Fox Team page

Good news Jays fans.  A new Bluejay blog was announced yesterday.  A big welcome to:  

10th Street Blues. 
Welcome 10th Street, to the growing online community of Creighton loyalists.  You are a welcome and needed addition in adding diversity of thought, opinion, ideas, and commentary within the online Creighton sports community.  Here’s to 10th Street Blues growth, flourishing, and being another great online home port within our growing community of Creighton Bluejay fans.
All the Best as you proceed ahead.

With the launch of Fox Sports 1 last week we have a brand new television home for Creighton Sports.   Basketball, Soccer, Women’s sports, and the rest will benefit from increased national coverage on this new network.  Although Fox is associated online with the MSN network, I urge all Creightonians to support FS1. I try to avoid anything MS if at all possible, but will be making the exception for Fox Sports1.

The re-tooling of a basketball-centric Big East Conference, and the addition of the Jays, Xavier, as well as Butler, has simultaneously ushered in the closest thing we will see to the oft talked about “Catholic League”.  Personally I thought we would never see such a league, let alone with Creighton as a member.  This off season has easily become the biggest, grandest one in Jays history.  Even in our modern, “scientific” leaning times – miracles still occur.

Fox has made the Big East one of its’ flagship brands on the new network, offering up unprecedented coverage of the conference, and by extension, our Jays!  Exciting times my friends, exciting times indeed.

Robustly support these new online sites and of course continue supporting the Big 4:
Creighton Rivals. –   Bluejay Cafe
Creighton Scout. –   Bluejay Report
White and Blue Review  –
WBR’s Bluejay Underground.  –

The more Creighton online, the better!
… all Bluejays – all the time.

It’s gonna be a Great year to be a Creighton Bluejay!
Let’s go Blue!