Staccato: Big East Showdown

Villanova at Xavier to decide the leagues Champion.




Well here we are folks, the famous home of alleged offender Harvey Weinstein.  Oops, wait one, wrong article…

ah here we are.

Here we are in mid-February, with the last 2 weeks of the Big East regular season in play, visiting the world famous Cintas Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Courtesy:  Cintas Center

The championship showdown between Xavier and Villanova universities.  Now we still have a few games left on the schedule, but for all extents and purposes, this game will decide whether X dethrones Nova, or will the Wildcats reign extend to 5 years.

This is the Big East, not the B-12, so we can hope for change.  However, be that as it may, this Villanova team is not one to lay down, nor get dethroned without a fight.  Nova rained down heavy artillery on the Muskies in Philadelphia in their previous meeting – as they do on everyone visiting Philly.  But now, the return match has Xavier underdog** at home by 1.

X is on a 9-game* winning streak (* in many corners, including this one – that streak is called an “referee assisted” one, but I digress) and are hot to trot.  Nova has lost 2 of it’s last 3 games and has fallen from #1 in the land.  Interesting turn of recent events and promises for a hotly contested game.  Outright control of the conference to the winner and maybe next year for the loser.  Villanova has history, their mystique, and an aura of invincibility on their side going in.  Xavier, the upstart, after several 2nd place finishes, has the opportunity to  finally reach the BE summit.

To the victor go the spoils!  Should be one helluva game.



is (1)


LE:  The Philadelphia artillery unit 19085 won the game.   The more things change, the more they remain the same.   Go Radnor!


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